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    SubjectRe: UDP recvmsg blocks after select(), 2.6 bug?
    From: "Lars Marowsky-Bree" <>
    >> [ snip ]
    >> Also note the examples that Stevens gives. For instance, he explicitly
    >> checks for EWOULDBLOCK after a read on a nonblocking fd that has been
    >> reported readable by select().
    > The specs don't disagree with that. On a O_NONBLOCK socket, that is
    > allowed.

    No, it isn't. select() may not behave differently based on the O_NONBLOCK
    flag at the moment of the select() call. And if a call to recvmsg() with O_NONBLOCK
    cleared doesn't block and since it can't return EAGAIN, then I don't think a recvmsg()
    call with O_NONBLOCK set should return EAGAIN where something like
    EIO should have been returned otherwise.


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