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    SubjectRe: High pitched noise from laptop: processor.c in linux 2.6
    On Sat, 2004-10-16 at 17:46, Alan Cox wrote:
    > On Sad, 2004-10-16 at 20:52, Lee Revell wrote:
    > > > What benefits? HZ=1000 takes 1W more on my system.
    > > Better timer resolution?
    > And heavily reduced accuracy on a lot of laptops where 1000Hz
    > is enough to make the clock slide every time the battery state is
    > queried or an SMM event triggers.

    Wouldn't such a laptop be horribly broken? 1ms is a LONG time to
    disable interrupts. That's millions of CPU cycles...

    > Getting the best of both worlds depends on the stuff discussed at OLS
    > being finished, then you can have 1Khz accurancy and battery life

    I was not there but I imagine this involves a way to get 1khz accuracy
    with a 100Hz timer interrupt rate?


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