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SubjectRE: UDP recvmsg blocks after select(), 2.6 bug?

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> As I asked in a previous mail in this overly long thread, why not returning
> zero bytes at all. It is perfectly valid to receive an UDP packet with 0

Zero bytes is "end of file". Don't go trying to co-opt end of file. That way lies
madness and despair.

You would *then* need a flag on each file descriptor to determine if the most
previous call before the read op was a select that returned the file as readable so
you knew whether to block or return the not-really-end-of-file. Your *app* would
then also need a flag/context to determine whether the end of file just read was
contextually an aborted read after select.

Nope, very very very very very bad idea... 8-)

[On the larger issues, I am surprised that select() doesn't guarantee available data
and one subsequent non-blocking read, but again in the case of a UDP discard after
the select but before the read, that is the only thing that makes sense. I would
vote (were this a democracy 8-) to put a CAVEAT in the manual that listed the _rare_
cases, as examples, where the warrant of available data may prove false; give a nod
to real life, and _firmly suggest_ that if you are using select, you *probably* want
nonblocking file descriptors too.]

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