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SubjectFrom Donald
Dear Friend,

My name is Mr. Donald Lekota.
I am an accountant with a bank here in London.
There is a fixed deposit of £15,000,000.00
(Fifteen Million Pounds Sterling) made to this bank
since 1994 which ten years now and since then no claim
or withdrawal has been made on that deposit.
Fortunately, I have been the person working
the interest from the day of deposit to date.
The interesting part of it is that the fixed deposit
belongs to a man in Yugoslavia, this means that the
account may have been abandoned by the surviving
family members or that they are not even aware of
the existence of the deposit.
However, I just finished updating the interest of the
deposit this January, and it has come up to
£15,000,000.00 at 7% interest rate per annum. It
is this interest that I am interested in because I
know very well that the family will care less on what
happens to the interest if they want to redeem the
deposit, they will be interested on the main money,
that is if they are able to claim it at all because all
the money lodged into different banks here in Europe
and United States are now been claimed .
Meanwhile, my plan is to withdraw just some amount
from the accumulated interest, which will not even
affect the main fixed deposit. I will give you the
details of procedure and my full ID when I receive
your reply and indication of partnership.
Your reward and amount to withdraw will be our mutual
agreement to avoid any misunderstanding.
We have nothing to lose, we only have courage to do this.
please reply me as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Donald Lekota

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