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SubjectRe: [patch] allow write() on SOCK_PACKET sockets
Stas Sergeev <> wrote:
> I think you are looking at a wrong place.
> You are looking into IP raw sockets code.
> Packet sockets are really the different
> layer. Please have a look into
> net/packet/af_packet.c instead.

Yes. Sorry for the confusion.

> But I don't seem to be able to send any
> mail to you:

Should work now.

>> OTOH, write() and send() needs to know where the message is going
>> to.
> That's exactly where the packet sockets are
> different. Here's the whole point. Have a
> look into a "struct sockaddr_pkt":
> struct sockaddr_pkt
> {
> unsigned short spkt_family;
> unsigned char spkt_device[14];
> unsigned short spkt_protocol;
> };

I see your point. But I don't really like the current code that
uses the address from bind for sending. Even though it works here
because the packet socket is symmetric wrt sending/receiving, it
is counter-intuitive for the socket API in general.

> My patch is probably dead anyway though.
> SOCK_PACKET is mentioned to be deprecated
> in man, so perhaps noone will apply any
> patches on it... Just wanted to point out

Indeed it is.

> that there is a bug/inconsistency in it.

Thanks anyway.

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