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Subjectusing cc-option in arch/ppc64/boot/Makefile
Hi Sam, I would like to use "cc-option-yn" in arch/ppc64/boot/Makefile.

All recent 64-bit gcc/binutils can produce 32-bit code by passing -m32 (or
similar) to them. arch/ppc64/boot/zImage is actually a 32-bit executable, and
the Makefile still requires a separate 32-bit cross-compiler to build it (in
addition to the 64-bit cross-compiler used for the vmlinux). To decide if
$(CC) can handle -m32, I'd like to use cc-option-yn (as in

I've tried moving the cc-option stuff out of the top-level Makefile into
something that can be included from arch/ppc64/boot/Makefile, but so far the
right magic has escaped me. Any ideas?

Hollis Blanchard
IBM Linux Technology Center
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