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SubjectRe: ACPI hangs at boot w/ nForce motherboard
On Thu, 2004-10-14 at 14:06, john stultz wrote:
> Hey Len,
> Sorry for the lack of details here, but I figured I should at
> least let you know. On my box at home (nForce1 motherboard w/ voodoo3
> video) 2.6.9-rcX kernels hang on boot. Since its my personal system, I
> haven't had much time to debug or look into the issue, however I have
> found that acpi=off allows me to boot.
> There are no strange error messages, the system just hangs (the
> framebuffer console looks to be locked at well - no blinking cursor).
> Any suggestions? I plan to try the standard acpi=noirq, and
> pci=noacpi, but I feel like I tried them awhile ago to no effect.

Hi John,
Did this break recently, or did a previous ACPI-mode kernel work

With ACPI enabled, try "acpi_skip_timer_override"
With ACPI enabled, try "noapic"
With ACPI enabled, try "nolapic"

If you can send me a serial console capture with "debug" for the failure
case, that would help. With any successful boot, the dmesg might be
helpful, and the output from lspci -vv and acpidmp is also helpful.
acpidmp is in /usr/sbin or in pmtools here:

You can send this to me, and/or attach them into a bug report here:
and assign it to me.


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