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SubjectRe: Software Suspend with ck
On Monday 11 October 2004 13:48, Christian Hesse wrote:
> Hello!
> Con Kolivas repoted this to work for him, but he also told me he's
> clutching at straws since his swsusp knowledge is small and
> Pavel Machek explained freeing memory is basically vm code he only
> calls. So I post this here everybody can read it.
> Trying to suspend an ck-kernel results in the system hanging while freeing
> memory. This behavior is caused by Staircase scheduler. Sane 2.6.9-rc{3,4}
> works fine.
> Any chance to get it working? Let me know if you need more inforamtion.

If anybody is interested: Suspend works just fine with 2.6.9-rc4-ck2.

Christian Hesse

geek by nature
linux by choice
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