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Subject[patch] Real-Time Preemption, -VP-2.6.9-rc4-mm1-U1

i have released the -U1 PREEMPT_REALTIME patch:

this is a strict bugfixes-only release. With -U1 i cannot reproduce any
of the bugs on my testsystems anymore, but take care nevertheless, this
is still experimental code.

Changes since -U0:

- bugfix: fixed the highmem related crash reported by Adam Heath and i
think this could also fix the crash reported by Mark H Johnson.

- bugfix: fixed a number of networking related soft-lockups, caused by
a deadlock scenarios in the ipv4, netfilter and net-xmit locking
code. This could fix the lockup reported by Lorenzo Allegrucci.

- bugfix: enable interrupts in the int3 handler - gdb will otherwise
trigger a kernel debug message.

- cleanup: reworked the RCU API wrappers, we now have the following


this change was necessary for the network locking fixes.

- debugging helper: SysRq-T will now print the stacktrace of currently
running tasks too. (They might be a bit unreliable occasionally but
very useful to debug deadlocks.)

- configurability fix: disabled the /proc/kernel/softirq_preemption and
hardirq_preemption runtime flags (and the softirq-preempt= and
hardirq-preempt= boot flags) if PREEMPT_REALTIME is enabled - in the
fully preemptible model these must always be on.

there are no known bugs at this moment, so please re-report any issues
you might still encounter.

to create a -U1 tree from scratch the patching order is:

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