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SubjectRe: [patch] VP-2.6.9-rc4-mm1-T9
>i've uploaded the -T9 VP patch:

I may have been lucky with -T8 where it made it through a complete boot and
shutdown cycle (spewing lots of messages), but -T9 appeared to start OK but
with the following messages displayed. [my back was turned, so I am not
sure the
step in the init sequence that was active, trying again...]

[<c0114b60>] mcount+0x14/0x18
[<c011d0a1>] __wake_up_common+0x51/0x80
[<c011d113>] __wake_up+0x43/0x60
[<c0313d54>] __up_wakeup+0x8/0xc
[<c0139685>] .text.lock.mutex+0x2d/0x148
[<c01c50cb>] avc_has_perm_noaudit+0xab/0x1d0
[<c01c5204>] avc_has_perm+0x14/0x80
[<c01c67c4>] inode_has_perm+0x64/0x90
[<c0114b60>] mcount+0x14/0x18
[<c01c5233>] avc_has_perm+0x43/0x80
[<c01c97f7>] file_map_prot_check+0x117/0x120
[<c0114b60>] mcount+0x14/0x18
[<c01c67c4>] inode_has_perm+0x64/0x90
[<c01c8a6e>] selinux_inode_getattr+0x5e/0x70
[<c0114b60>] mcount+0x14/0x18
[<c01398ed>] __mcount+0x1d/0x30
[<c01c96ee>] file_map_prot_check+0xe/0x120
[<c0159635>] do_mmap_pgoff+0x205/0x790
[<c0114b60>] mcount+0x14/0x18
[<c01c97f7>] file_map_prot_check+0x117/0x120
[<c0159635>] do_mmap_pgoff+0x205/0x790
[<c0107b5b>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb
Code: 00 55 89 e5 83 ec 0c 89 5d f8 89 75 fc e8 6b f7 df ff c7 04 24 01 00
00 00
89 c3 e8 e1 4d e2 ff be 00 e0 ff ff 21 e6 31 c0 86 03

Had to cycle power to get system to reboot; watching more closely this
Of course, the second time it boots all the way but was spewing some (not a
of messages related to the network interface I have (8139too). I tried to
but the system hung before displaying anything interesting. Rebooted with
again to get some work done. Will send the boot messages separately.

--Mark H Johnson

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