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SubjectRe: udev: what's up with old /dev ?
"Harald Dunkel" <> disait dernièrement que :

> And then?
> The sources of kinit show that its job is parse the kernel
> command line arguments, configure the NIC, mount the root
> filesystem via NFS, etc. Other configurations might require
> a different init to start hotplug and udev, or to handle the
> LVM and crypto magic, for example. My point is that if there
> is no one-for-all init process to handle _every_ possible
> startup procedure, then it might be necessary to rebuild the
> initramfs. This would be easier (and easier to test) if
> initramfs is not compiled into the kernel, but a separate
> image to be loaded at boot time "somehow".

yep to test it would be helpful. To setup mine, it took not long, but sure
such a facility could help. But you know, if you do not run make clean, and you
have edited usr/Makefile to not rebuild initramfs, puting your custom cpio
archive into usr and typing 'make' won't take long to rebuild the new kernel :)
I did that to get it working.

As to know if having an external archive file loaded by grub or so, I don't
know much that part of the kernel code... Hum, I really did not try to under-
stand the code involving initrd's and initramfs in init/do_mounts_initrd.c.
I wonder whether putting an executable /init in an initrd is sufficient to
have it recognized as an initramfs and not an initrd....

The important thing is /init executable script in initramfs, this is what
tells the kernel to override the "standard" way it boots.


The policy is not to have policy. It works as well in kernel design as politics.

- Alan Cox on linux-kernel

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