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SubjectRe: [patch rfc] towards supporting O_NONBLOCK on regular files
==> Regarding Re: [patch rfc] towards supporting O_NONBLOCK on regular files; Pavel Machek <> adds:

pavel> Hi!
>> This patch makes an attempt at supporting the O_NONBLOCK flag for
>> regular files. It's pretty straight-forward. One limitation is that we
>> still call into the readahead code, which I believe can block. However,
>> if we don't do this, then an application which only uses non-blocking
>> reads may never get it's data.

pavel> This looks very nice. Does it mean that aio and friends are
pavel> instantly obsolete?

I dont' think so. This only addresses the read() path, for one. Plus, in
it's current form, it will not perform any I/O if the data is not present.
So, you will need another thread/process to do kick off the I/O.

pavel> Does it have comparable performance to aio?

I haven't run any tests. One advantage this has to current aio is that it
can operate without O_DIRECT.

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