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SubjectRe: [patch] Real-Time Preemption, -VP-2.6.9-rc4-mm1-U0
On Thu, 14 Oct 2004, Ingo Molnar wrote:

> * Adam Heath <> wrote:
> > The bug that caused it to crash was in mm/highmem.c.
> could you disable HIGHMEM (or at least HIGHPTE) and try again? Some
> last-minute bug slipped into that code.

Well, it's a little better, but it still died. Just took longer.

However, this time, my kern.log got corrupted. I saw 2 scheduling while
atomic errors in dmesg(before it locked up), but only one in kern.log, and a
bunch of random data(using ext3 data=writeback). Symptoms this time around
were laggy keyboard handling, zombie processes(this may have been caused by
the scheduling while atomic problem), and ctrl-c not working.

I'll try again tomorrow, and hopefully get more data.
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