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SubjectRe: [PATCH] QStor SATA/RAID driver for 2.6.9-rc3
Mark Lord wrote:
> On a related note..
> In the longer term, I'd like Jeff & I to get together and agree
> upon some interface changes in libata to make it easier for this
> driver (and others) to share more of the code dealing with
> the emulation of non-data SCSI commands like INQUIRY and friends.
> Right now that's not as easy as it could be, due to the specialized
> libata struct parameters required, but I think it could be harmonized.

I recall this but don't see it in my inbox anymore... did I adequately

The easy answer is always: send patches. that's the best way to
illustrate your design, and the quickest way to get the changes you want
into the kernel.


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