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SubjectRe: Build problems with APM/Subarch type
Raj wrote:
>>Using an editor or make *config? which *config?
> xconfig
>>>The build failed with an error 'Undefined reference to machine_real_restart'
>>Yep, I see that also.
>>>It seems that , unless Subarch is PC-Compatible ( CONFIG_PC ) ,
>>>CONFIG_X86_BIOS_REBOOT will not be set and thusly, reboot.c would not be
>>>( yeah, i know messing around with configs is suicidal, but.... )
>>>Can this be fixed ?? At the very least, hide APM options #if !(CONFIG_PC) ??
>>Do you/we/maintainer know that APM is not applicable to all of the
>>other PC sub-arches?
>>I agree that it should be fixed, one way or another.
> i am not aware much about the apm dependencies. maintainers might answer
> this more correctly.

True. I should have copied Andrey on it earlier.

Andrey, any thoughts about how to keep VISWS from building APM
support? use Kconfig? or does VISWS support APM?

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