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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Still a mm bug in the fork error path
    Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, John Byrne wrote:
    >>@@ -1104,9 +1146,7 @@
    >> bad_fork_cleanup_namespace:
    >> exit_namespace(p);
    >> bad_fork_cleanup_mm:
    >>- exit_mm(p);
    >>- if (p->active_mm)
    >>- mmdrop(p->active_mm);
    >>+ mmput(p->mm);
    >> bad_fork_cleanup_signal:
    >> exit_signal(p);
    >> bad_fork_cleanup_sighand:
    >>However, the new code will panic if the thread being forked is a process
    >>with a NULL mm. It looks very unlikely to be hit in the real world, but
    >>it is possible.
    > Hmm.. How does it happen? As far as I can tell, we only get here if
    > - copy_thread or copy_namespaces had an error
    > and "mm" can be NULL only for kernel threads.
    > Now, I don't think any kernel threads will ask for new namespaces, so
    > copy_namespaces can't return an error. Similarly, I don't see how
    > copy_thread() could either (at least on x86 it can only return an error if
    > an IO bitmap allocation fails, I think - again something that shouldn't
    > happen for kernel threads. And most other architectures will never fail
    > at all, I do believe).
    >>(My modified kernel makes it much more likely which is how I found it.)
    >>The attached patch is against 2.6.9-rc4. This time for sure!
    > I don't mind the patch per se, but I'd rather put it in after 2.6.9 unless
    > you can tell me how this can actually happen with an unmodified kernel.
    > Linus

    In my kernel, it was a SIGKILL to a forking kernel thread that caused
    the problem. While I see SIGKILLs being sent to some kernel threads, I
    don't know if any of the kernel threads ever fork. If they don't,
    barring a demented root user sending SIGKILLs to kernel threads, I don't
    know if anyone else will ever see this. So, I don't have any problems
    with it being fixed post 2.6.9.


    John Byrne

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