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Subject[patch] VP-2.6.9-rc4-mm1-T8

i've uploaded the -T8 VP patch:

lots of stabilization of CONFIG_PREEMPT_REALTIME. It's still in
experimental status but general stability is improving.

Changes since -T7:

- fixed a nasty category of bugs that were introduced by the use of
rwsems for rwlocks. rwsems are not read-recursive, while rwlocks are.
Fortunately it was not too hard to identify & fix recursive users of
tasklist_lock, in fact each of these also qualifies as a cleanup. The
symptom of this bug was a soft-deadlocking of the system.

- fixed profiler locks, i believe this could resolve the bootup crash
reported by K.R. Foley.

- fixed VP / XFS namespace collision reported by Mark H. Johnson

- fix one more final detail of the new zombie-task handling code

- fixed 3c59x.c, fasync-handling, ipv6, module-loader runtime
warnings reported by K.R. Foley.

- fixed the ali5451 locking

to create a -T8 tree from scratch the patching order is:

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