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SubjectRE: stability problems with 2.4.24/Software RAID/ext3
On Friday, January 09, 2004 7:54 PM, martin f krafft wrote:
> Well, I can't find any other suitable ones, really. I can't seem to
> find HighPoints, there is 3ware and DawiControl, but I don't know
> which ones are supported by Linux.
> Maybe someone can give me a suggestion for a non-promise EIDE 133
> PCI controller that's natively supported by Linux.


3ware cards are hardware raidcontrollers, they are supported.

I can get a dawicontrol card here in austria with a silicon image 680
chip on it. I use 3 cards with sil680 chip (because these are not as
expensive as the 3ware cards) with linux-2.4.23 and connected 6 disks as
master holding a raid5 array. Have'nt had any problems till yet (I have
this setup for ~2 month's now).


(sorry for broken mua, am currently forced to use this)

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