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    SubjectRe: blockfile access patterns logging
    On Thu, 08 Jan 2004 13:00:08 +0100, bert hubert said:

    > For some time I've wanted to log exactly what linux is reading and writing
    > from my harddisk - for a variety of reasons. The current reason is that my
    > very idle laptop writes to disk every once in a while (or reads, I don't
    > know).
    > Now, conceptually this should not be very hard, but I'd like to ask your
    > thoughts on where I might insert some crude logging? There are lots of
    > places that might be better or worse for some reason.
    > I'd love to be as close to the physical block device as possible, short of
    > rewriting actual IDE drivers.

    You probably want to do logging at a higher level. It's totally useless to find out
    that LBA 2234324567 got re-written. Mapping it to a partition on the disk so
    you know it was something on /dev/hda7 is a bit better. And being able to tell
    that somebody updated the atime on /var/log/messages is most informative of all.

    The other problem is that unless your laptop is *VERY* idle, you will have a scrolling
    problem and buffering issues - so you end up writing to disk to log the buffers and... ;)
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