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SubjectRe: removable media revalidation - udev vs. devfs or static /dev
On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 10:38:31AM -0800, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> > Doesn't the kernel always create the main block device for this device?
> > If so, udev will catch that.
> But udev should probably also create all the sub-nodes if it doesn't
> already.
> And it really has to create _all_ of them, exactly because there's no way
> to know ahead-of-time which of them will be available.
> Then, user space can just access "/dev/sda1" or whatever, and the act of
> accessing it will force the re-scan.

1. That is a bad idea.
2. There is no problem.

Ad 1)

- All, how many is that? 16? 64? more?
Today IDE disks have 64 minors.

- I hate to think of the sysfs tree. Today I am unhappy already:
# ls /sys/block
. nbd102 nbd116 nbd15 nbd29 nbd42 nbd56 nbd7 nbd83 nbd97 ram6
.. nbd103 nbd117 nbd16 nbd3 nbd43 nbd57 nbd70 nbd84 nbd98 ram7
fd0 nbd104 nbd118 nbd17 nbd30 nbd44 nbd58 nbd71 nbd85 nbd99 ram8
hda nbd105 nbd119 nbd18 nbd31 nbd45 nbd59 nbd72 nbd86 ram0 ram9
hdb nbd106 nbd12 nbd19 nbd32 nbd46 nbd6 nbd73 nbd87 ram1 sda
hdd nbd107 nbd120 nbd2 nbd33 nbd47 nbd60 nbd74 nbd88 ram10 sdb
hde nbd108 nbd121 nbd20 nbd34 nbd48 nbd61 nbd75 nbd89 ram11 sdc
hdf nbd109 nbd122 nbd21 nbd35 nbd49 nbd62 nbd76 nbd9 ram12 sdd
hdg nbd11 nbd123 nbd22 nbd36 nbd5 nbd63 nbd77 nbd90 ram13 sde
md0 nbd110 nbd124 nbd23 nbd37 nbd50 nbd64 nbd78 nbd91 ram14 sr0
nbd0 nbd111 nbd125 nbd24 nbd38 nbd51 nbd65 nbd79 nbd92 ram15
nbd1 nbd112 nbd126 nbd25 nbd39 nbd52 nbd66 nbd8 nbd93 ram2
nbd10 nbd113 nbd127 nbd26 nbd4 nbd53 nbd67 nbd80 nbd94 ram3
nbd100 nbd114 nbd13 nbd27 nbd40 nbd54 nbd68 nbd81 nbd95 ram4
nbd101 nbd115 nbd14 nbd28 nbd41 nbd55 nbd69 nbd82 nbd96 ram5

Someone decided to create "all" nbd devices.
If a similar thing is done for all disks then soon this directory will have
more nodes that current /dev.

Ad 2)
On the other hand, there is no need at all for udev or the kernel
to do anything special.
If hotplug and udev do their work, then the node for the whole device
is created.
Now the plan (or at least my plan) has always been to remove all
partition detection from the kernel. It can all be done from user space.
We have had the infrastructure for a long time, and it works.

So, it is trivial to create the utility parsept+mount that takes
a device, reads its partition table, tells the kernel about the
partitions found there, and mounts the desired partition.
It can be a mount option to do a parsept if the device does not
exist yet.


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