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    SubjectRe: [autofs] [RFC] Towards a Modern Autofs
    Jeff Garzik wrote:
    > Mike Waychison wrote:
    >> To put it into perspective, the I'm calling for the following major
    >> changes:
    > [...]
    >> 2) move the loop that used to spin around and ask kernelspace if there
    >> was anything to expire into the VFS as well, where it won't be killed.
    > [...]
    >> (1) and (2) shouldn't be hard at all to do considering David Howells
    >> has done the majority of this already. (3) is needed in order to
    >> manage direct mounts properly for when they are 'covered'.
    >> Admittedly, (4) comes off as an ugly hack.
    >> Also, (2) was the only 'active' task the automount daemon was doing.
    >> Everything else it did can be rewritten in the form of a usermode
    >> helper that runs only when it is needed. This simplifies the
    >> userspace code a lot.
    > Just going by your own explanation here, #2 should not be in the kernel.
    > If we moving daemons into the kernel just because they won't be killed,
    > we'll have Oracle in-kernel before you know it. Completely spurious
    > reason.

    You wouldn't put a bdflush daemon in userspace either would you? The
    loop in question is just that; (overly simplified):

    while (1) {
    f = ask_kernel_if_anything_looks_inactive();
    if (f) {
    } else {
    sleep(x seconds);

    My point is, if this is the only active action done by userspace, why
    open it up to being broken?

    Mike Waychison
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