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    SubjectRe: [autofs] [RFC] Towards a Modern Autofs
    Mike Waychison wrote:

    > This is clearly not 'all of userspace'. Autofs is an exception. As is
    > /etc/mtab. The way I see it, automounting is a 'mount facility', as are
    > namespaces. The two should be made to work together. Yes, mount(8)
    > should probably be fixed one way or another as well due to /etc/mtab
    > breakage. Why? Because it too is a mount facility.
    > There are a couple problems inherent with namespaces. Most of these are
    > mount facilities that are broken such as mentioned above. They *should*
    > be fixed to work nicely.

    For that one needs to know how the namespaces are used, not just how
    they are implemented. There was a long discussion on this on #kernel
    yesterday, by the way.

    > Other parts of userspace get confused with namespaces, eg: cron and atd.
    > These programs clearly need infrastructure added that somehow allows
    > for arbitrary namespace joining/saving. If you have suggestions for how
    > we can solve this issue, please do let me know. I'm stumped :\ I'd be
    > more than happy to discuss this with you.

    Do they? In order for that to be a "clearly", I believe one needs to
    understand how namespaces are used in practice. It may not be desirable
    or even possible; this starts getting into a policy decision.

    > One not-so-far fetched approach would be to associate cron/at jobs with
    > automount configurations so that a namespace can be re-constructed at
    > runtime.

    I am not entirely sure what you mean with this, but it sounds incredibly
    dangerous to me.


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