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SubjectRe: Blank Screen in 2.6.0

> The good news is that I no longer get just a black screen at boot.


> The bad news is that it still doesn't work quite right.

I expected that. Newer Nvidia cards are not properly supported.

> No matter what mode I try to boot in I always get the same, and it's as if
> the image is drawn only on every second scanline. One result of this is
> that I can only visually see approximately the top half of what I'm
> supposed to see - like, if I type in something in the shell, then I have
> to press enter several times untill enough lines have passed for the text
> to reach the top of the screen and thus is actually visible. Another
> result of this is ofcourse that what I /can/ see doesn't look very good.

Sounds like a double scan issue. As for it always going to 640x480 that is
a bug in the driver which is also in the 2.4.X tree.

> Also, after starting X (using the "nv" driver, not a fb X server) - if I
> switch back to a text console then the screen is completely garbled - I
> can switch back to X just fine though.

Try using the UseFBDev flag for teh X server. That usually helps.

> rejects, but I tried building it anyway - it wouldn't compile. So I went
> back to a clean 2.6.0 to which the patch applied flawlessly.

Yeah I made the patch against 2.6.0. I will update it soon.

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