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SubjectRe: problem booting aic7xxx-old with reiserfs
martin f krafft wrote:

> [please CC me on replies!]
> Hi all,
> I configured the 2.6.0 kernel [2] with the old aic7xxx driver, as well
> as the 3c59x and 8139too drivers. Now, when I start the system, it
> loads the kernel just fine, the SCSI driver recognises the
> harddrive, but when it tries to mount / (reiserfs) (right after
> initialising TCP, GRE, IPsec, IPv6 and SCTP), it just hangs with the

The old aic7xxx driver seems to be broken. Whenever possible use the new
AIC7xxx driver. It works perfect here.

Andreas Theofilu
E-Mail: andreas at TheosSoft dot net
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