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    SubjectRe: Suspected bug infilesystems (UFS,ADFS,BEFS,BFS,ReiserFS) related to sector_t being unsigned, advice requested
    Jesper Juhl wrote:

    >Also, I did a build of fs/reiserfs/ both with and without the above patch,
    >and then did a disassemble of inode.o (objdump -d) and compared the
    >generated code for reiserfs_get_block , and the generated code is
    >byte-for-byte identical in both cases, which means that gcc realizes that
    >the if() statement will never execute and optimizes it away in any case.
    I think you have done too much work.;-)

    Thanks though.

    The only reason we are slow in processing your patch and forwarding it
    to Linus is that the Russian Christmas is today....


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