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SubjectRe: problem booting aic7xxx-old with reiserfs
also sprach Justin T. Gibbs <> [2004.01.06.1748 +0100]:
> This means that Domain Validation was unable to probe the your
> Quantum Fireball correctly. For me to understand why, you need to
> compile the driver with debugging enabled and the debug mask set
> to 0x3F. Both of these settings can be performed via the standard
> kernel configuration tools. Just boot with those settings and
> send me the complete boot output. You may need to increase the
> size of your dmesg buffer for all of the output to be recorded.

With debug level to 0x3f (decimal 63) and debugging code enabled,
the resulting boot messages are captured here: [3.5 Kb]

Another peculiarity: if I soft reset the machine from within 2.6.0
and then start 2.6.0 again, it gets stuck again after the

found reiserfs format "3.6" with standard journal

message, this time logging furiously to the console. I will verify
this again and let it run forever (with maximum kernel buffer size)
in the hope that you can do something with that too. You'll hear
from me.

Thanks for your time.

martin; (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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