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Subject2.6.0 NFS-server low to 0 performance

The NFS server on a PC with a 2.6.0 (release) kernel slows down to a crawl
or stops completely.

Searched archives - nothing fits exact enough.

The server (PC1) is a 900MHz Duron with 384M RAM and a tulip 10/100
(LinkSys) network card (Linksys Network Everywhere Fast Ethernet 10/100
model NC100 (rev 17)).

PC2 - Pentium 133MHz with 24M RAM and an onboard Lance 79C970 10mbps
network card,
a SA1100 platform (Tuxscreen / Shannon) with 16M RAM, PCMCIA Netgear
10/100mbps ne2000-compatible (pcnet_cs + 8390) card
a PXA250 platform (Inphinity / Triton starter-kit) with 64M RAM, onboard
SMC91C11xFD (smc91x driver) 10/100 chip

In the tests below I was copying a 4M file from an NFS-mounted
directory to a RAM-based fs (ramfs / tmpfs). Here are results:

server with 2.6.0 kernel:

fast:2.6.0-test11 2m21s (*)
fast:2.4.20 16.5s
SA1100:2.4 never finishes (*)
PXA:2.4.21-rmk1-pxa1 as above
PXA:2.6.0-rmk1-pxa as above

server: 2.4.21

fast:2.6.0-test11 6s
fast:2.4.20 5s
SA1100:2.4.19-rmk7 3.22s
PXA:2.4.21-rmk1-pxa1 7s
PXA:2.6.0-rmk2-pxa 1) 50s (**)
(***) 2) 27s (**)

(*) Messages "NFS server not responding" / "NFS server OK", "mount version
older than kernel" on mount

(**) Messages "NFS server not responding" / "NFS server OK", "mount version
older than kernel" on mount, trafic shows as several peaks

(***) 2.6.0-rmk2-pxa corresponds to the 2.6.0-rmk2 kernel with a PXA-patch
forward-ported from diff-2.6.0-test2-rmk1-pxa1.

The LinkSys card I bought recently, before I used a RTL (3c59x) card, only
capable of 10mbps, I never saw such problems with it, but I, probably,
never tried NFS under 2.6.0 with it - have to try too.

It is not just a problem of 2.6 with those specific network configurations
- ftp / http / tftp transfers work fine. E.g. wget of the same file on the
PXA with 2.6.0 from the PC1 with 2.4.21 over http takes about 2s. So, it
is 2.6 + NFS.

Is it fixed somewhere (2.6.1-rcx?), or what should I try / what further
information is required?

Guennadi Liakhovetski

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