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    Subject[ANNOUNCE] 2004-01-05 release of hotplug scripts
    I've just packaged up the latest Linux hotplug scripts into a release,
    which can be found at:

    Or from your favorite mirror at:
    or for those who like bz2 packages:

    I've also packaged up some pre-built (and signed) Red Hat FC 1 based rpms:

    The source rpm is available if you want to rebuild it for other distros
    or versions of Red Hat at:

    The main web site for the linux-hotplug project can be found at:
    which contains lots of documentation on the whole linux-hotplug

    This release is recommended for _anyone_ using the 2.6.0 and beyond
    kernels who is still using hotplug scripts older than 2003_08_05, as a
    number of changes have been made in order to support the 2.6 kernel

    The release is still backwards compatible with 2.4, so there is no need
    to worry about upgrading.

    The full ChangeLog extract since the last release is included below for
    those who want to know everything that's been changed, and who to blame
    for them :)


    greg k-h


    Mon Jan 5 2004 kroah
    - 2004_01_05 release

    Mon Oct 13 2003 kroah
    - sysfs entries for usb devices are in hex. Patch from Andrey
    Borzenkov <>
    - add input.rc and input.agent for input systems. Patch from Andrey
    Borzenkov <>

    Tue Oct 7 2003 kroah
    - keep already loaded modules from causing messages in the syslog.
    - added firmware.agent file from Marcel Holtmann <>
    - Lots of patches from Bill Nottingham <> to try to
    sync back up with the Red Hat hotplug package:
    - hotplug-2003_08_05-networkdown.patch
    Don't bring up network devices if the network service isn't
    - hotplug-2002_04_01-joydev.patch
    Some extra joystick devices.
    - hotplug-2003_08_05-tunnel.patch
    Exclude tunl*/tun*/tap* from being brought up via hotplug
    - hotplug-2002_04_01-wacom.patch
    Some wacom tablets for evdev.
    - hotplug-2002_04_01-usblcd.patch
    usblcd mappings
    - hotplug-2002_04_01-inhotplug.patch
    Set IN_HOTPLUG environment variable as something users can
    check in case they don't want some interface to be
    automatically brought up.
    - hotplug-2003_08_05-updfstab.patch
    Run updfstab on usb-storage insertion, and general removal
    (Probably needs to run on firewire, and other sorts of
    removal devices). upfstab is a Red Hat specific program that
    edits /etc/fstab to add entries for removable devices.
    - added dasd (s390 stuff) tape and dasd agent files from SuSE and Red
    Hat's hotplug package.

    Wed Sep 24 2003 kroah
    - fixed status display of usb drivers in the 2.6 kernel as
    /proc/bus/usb/drivers is no longer present.
    - fixed typo in the /sbin/hotplug comments as found by

    Tue Sep 16 2003 kroah
    - remove devlabel calls, it should just put its own link in

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