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    SubjectAPM and ACPI sleep issues with 2.6

    I've just built 2.6.1-rc1-mm1, and am using it on my IBM ThinkPad X22.
    However, it not won't sleep when I shut the lid.

    With 2.4.22 (from debian sid's kernel package) APM works, and will
    suspend-to-RAM when I shut the lid, and wake up again cleanly. As that
    worked well I never got around to configuring ACPI.

    With 2.6.1-rc1-mm, when I shut the lid with APM enabled nothing
    happens. No messages on the console, nothing.

    With ACPI and "echo 3 > /proc/bus/acpi/sleep" in the relevant acpid
    file, shutting the lid results in at least a partial sleep, but it won't
    resume. The power button was also non-responsive at this point, and I
    had to remove the battery to reboot.

    So, what can I do to debug this problem? APM not working is a
    regression over 2.4.22, which is sad.

    Thanks for any help,
    (please CC: me, I'm not on this list)
    Ross Burton mail:
    PGP Fingerprint: 1A21 F5B0 D8D0 CFE3 81D4 E25A 2D09 E447 D0B4 33DF

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