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    SubjectRe: xterm scrolling speed - scheduling weirdness in 2.6 ?!
    At 04:42 PM 1/4/2004 +0200, Martin Schlemmer wrote:

    >Do not worry, _I_ will go back to lurking about this issue _again_,

    Wrong answer. Jump in with both feet instead (much fun, highly
    educational). The code's not complicated (the problem space is though).

    >but after _once_again_ seeing a issue about this being blown off

    By you personally.

    >as being something wrong with 'it', and some facts (you did see
    >that the skipping code for the other user _never_ kicked in)
    >were just ignored, I just could not help myself - sorry.

    Don't apologize... scratch that itch :)


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