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    SubjectRe: Linux hangs on nVidia nForce2 400 Ultra

    Theres been some work done on this issue lately. Originally, my system only
    hung when I had IO-APIC and local APIC support compiled into the kernel. But I
    think other people had hanging problems even without this.

    You could first try using a 2.6-mm series kernel, as these include some
    patches which fix nforce2 problems for most people (but not me).

    The other option is to try Ross Dickinson's patches:

    If you use Ross's patches, as well as the -mm fixes, you should revert out the
    nforce-disconnect-quirk patch to avoid your CPU getting needlessly hot.

    Personally, I have stability running 2.6.1-rc1-mm1 with the disconnect-quirk
    reverted out, Ross's patches, booting with parameter apic_tack=2. I have
    APIC/IOAPIC compiled in and working.


    Herve Fache wrote:
    > Hi chaps!
    > My system hangs (no oops, nothing) on disk access using either 2.4.23 or 2.6.0. A rather reliable way for me to
    > crash it is to, for example, copy the sources of the Linux kernel.
    > It hanged once on CD-ROM access, which could lead to a more IDE-level problem. Also, the only time it did it in
    > another operating system (humm...) was after it crashed in Linux and I pressed reset (no shut down), which
    > makes me think it could the IDE controller [driver]'s fault...
    > It seems I'm the only one on Earth to have this problem (according to Google), but if there was a way to track it
    > down I'd be happy to try.
    > I have attached my 2.6.0 kernel config for info.
    > Thanks!
    > Hervé.
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