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    SubjectRe: [Swsusp-devel] Software Suspend 2.0

    On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 20:38, Joseph Pingenot wrote:
    > Yay! Yet again does annoyance reign victorious!

    Well, I wouldn't really count two requests from two people as annoyance

    > >> any specific way to create the swap space for saving the state to?
    > >Suspend2 will use any swap space you have available. It will even
    > >automatically turn on a swap partition or file for you at the start of
    > >suspending, and turn it off at the end. It doesn't care about how the
    > >swap space is distributed or whether it's a partition or a file or a
    > >combination. Saving to local IDE and SCSI is tested, but I've had
    > >limited success with SCSI due to the lack of power management on the
    > >drives I was testing with (the machine resumed up to the point where it
    > >wanted to use the SCSI drive again with the restored kernel, at which
    > >point the driver paniced because the request numbers were out of sync).
    > Hmmm. Would turning on the swap space be a better option then? I had
    > left it off so that it wouldn't get used.

    It depends how much swap gets used in your normal activity. A good rule
    of thumb is to make sure you have as much swap as RAM, plus a little
    more for any genuine swapping the system is doing. Then you'll be able
    to save a full image without freeing up any memory... and when you do
    resume, your system will be as responsive as it would be if you'd never

    > Something I was wondering about: what happens then if the swap space
    > is all filled? I liked having a dedicated partition so that that
    > wouldn't be an issue.

    If there's not swap space to store the image in, suspend tries to free
    memory until there is. In the worst case, it will reach a point where it
    can't free any more memory, give up and cleanly back out. (Or that's the
    plan, another email I just received means I will shortly double check
    this is happening correctly under 2.6).

    > Hmm. I'm hoping to take advantage of 2.6.2-rc3's ACPI updates
    > (I have some acpi wonkiness which is undoubtedly related to
    > Dell and its infamous DSDTs). Any chance you could make that
    > your first -rc target? :) I'll give you a lollipop whenever
    > I see you IRL.

    Haha! See what I can do.


    > Anyhow, I'm gonna hit the hay. Thanks for the great work; you're
    > truly an asset to Kiwi-dom. ;)

    Thank you.

    Nigel Cunningham
    495 St Georges Road South, Hastings 4201, New Zealand

    Evolution (n): A hypothetical process whereby infinitely improbable events occur
    with alarming frequency, order arises from chaos, and no one is given credit.

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