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    SubjectBluetooth oddity
    Hi list,

    Out of curiosity, has anyone else noticed something odd with Bluetooth
    in 2.6.x kernels? On my Thinkpad X31 I can switch it on/off with Fn+F5.
    Switching it on is no problem, but switching it off causes solid hang of
    the Thinkpad. Only SysRq+b works.

    It is not the whole world, but a little irritating. Also, I use
    Bluetooth to hot-sync my Tungsten T|3. Same problem occurs on the 4th -
    6th sync, solid hang of the Thinkpad. No debug output yet, if any
    Bluetooth developers are interested to have this fixed, I am game to
    help debug this.


    Anders Karlsson <>
    Trudheim Technology Limited
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