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SubjectRe: [OT] Crazy idea: Design open-source graphics chip
> A BIOS ROM doesn't help you if you don't have a VGA core, and a VGA core 
> is not a trivial piece of logic.

We don't need a VGA core.

The primary markets for this card are going to be developers who don't
care about using a standard VGA card for pre-kernel-loaded stuff, the
embedded and server markets, where they can simply write a new system
BIOS that emulates 80x25 text mode on the framebuffer, and the
multi-head market, where the kernel or X will be responsible for the
extra heads anyway.

Once the kernel or X has taken over the framebuffer, there is
certainly no need for a VGA core.

As far as I am concerned, the first version of this card is going to
be more or less an expensive proof-of-concept thing. It _will_ cost
more than a brand new off-the-shelf VGA card, and it _will_ cost more
than a second-hand VGA card with documented registers. That doesn't
mean it isn't worth doing, though.

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