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SubjectRe: IDE performance drop between 2.4.23 and 2.6.0 - pinpointed!
On sob, 03 sty 2004 at 11:46:36  +0100, szonyi calin wrote:
> --- Pawel Dziekonski <> a écrit : >
> hi,
> >
> > same problem here however it seems that i have pinpointed it
> > )at least
> > for me):
> >

> from the manpage of hdparm: -t Perform timings of device reads for
> benchmark and compari- son purposes. For meaningful results,
> this operation should be repeated 2-3 times on an otherwise inactive
> sys- tem (no other active processes) with at least a couple of
> megabytes of free memory.

> if the above conditions are not met your test is irrelevant

those conditions were met. trust me - i have just copied and pasted some
of the results :^)

ps. btw, for last 5 years 2.6.0 this is a 1st example of a situation
where hdparm gives me so unstable results. i think this is because of
the nature of as-scheduler. maybe i'm wrong.

Pawel Dziekonski <pawel.dziekonski|@|>, KDM WCSS avatar:0:0:
Wroclaw Networking & Supercomputing Center, HPC Department
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