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SubjectNew set of input patches
Hi Vojtech,

I have a new set of input patches, could you take look at them?

1. i8042-suspend.patch
Add suspend methods to i8042 to restore BIOS settings on suspend and
kill polling timer which sometimes prevents APM suspend

2. i8042-options-parsing.patch
Complete conversion to the new way of parsing parameters. Drop "i8042_",
"psmouse_" and "atkbd_" prefixes from option names when compiled as a
module and require "i8042.", "psmouse." and "atkbd." prefixes if built
into the kernel.

3. missing-module-license.patch
Maple and newton keyboard drivers were missing MODULE_LICENSE("GPL")

4. kconfig-synaptics-help.patch
Suggest psmouse.proto=imps to Synaptics users who do not want install
native XFree Synaptics driver so taps would still work

5. sis-aux-port.patch
Do not ignore AUX port if chipset fails to disable it when we do probes
as SiS is having trouble disabling but otherwise mouse works fine.

The patches are on top of 2 other input patches (remove jitter and ps2
emulation) that I have sent to the list earlier. You can find the complete
set of patches at and

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