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SubjectRe: [PATCH] oprofile per-cpu buffer overrun

> It helps if the buffer size is a power of two, of course, but integer
> modulus is pretty quick.

If its something thats hit real hard, the way the modulus is done can
make a difference. We've seen it in various places (eg disabling tigon 1
support in the acenic changes the driver from using a variable to a
compile time constant and you can actually see it in the profile):

quickest == power of 2 compile time constant (results in a mask)
quickish == compile time constant (results in the multiplication by
an inverse trick)
slow == run time (results in a divide)

Of course you can do like the printk stuff and use a variable but
enforce a power of 2 value and & it.



unsigned long i, j, k;

int quickest()
j = i % 2;

int quickish()
j = i % 3;

int slow()
j = i % k;


lis 9,i@ha
lwz 0,i@l(9)
lis 9,j@ha
rlwinm 0,0,0,31,31
stw 0,j@l(9)
lis 9,i@ha
lis 0,0xaaaa
lwz 11,i@l(9)
ori 0,0,43691
lis 9,j@ha
mulhwu 0,11,0
srwi 0,0,1
mulli 0,0,3
subf 11,0,11
stw 11,j@l(9)
lis 9,i@ha
lis 11,k@ha
lwz 10,i@l(9)
lwz 9,k@l(11)
divwu 0,10,9
mullw 0,0,9
lis 9,j@ha
subf 10,0,10
stw 10,j@l(9)
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