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SubjectRe: Request: I/O request recording
Andrew Morton wrote:
> Bart Samwel <> wrote:
>>>Linux caches disk data on a per-file basis. So if you preload pagecache
>>>via the /dev/hda1 "file", that is of no benefit to the /etc/passwd file.
>>>Each one has its own unique pagecache. When reading pages for /etc/passwd
>>>we don't go looking for the same disk blocks in the cache of /dev/hda1.
>>>Which is why the userspace cache preloading needs to know the pathnames of
>>>all the relevant files - it needs to open and read each one, applying
>>>knowledge of disk layout while doing it.
>>Hmmm, that explains why this didn't work. :( So if I wanted to do this
>>completely from user space using only block_dump data I'd probably have
>>to go through all files and find out if they had any blocks in common
>>with my preload set -- presuming there is a way to find that out, which
>>there probably isn't. That makes this idea pretty much useless, I'm
>>sorry to have bothered you with it.
> You could certainly do that. Given disk block #N you need to search all
> files on the disk asking "who owns this block". The FIBMAP ioctl can be
> used on most filesystems (ext2, ext3, others..) to find out which blocks a
> file is using. See bmap.c in
> Unfortunately you cannot determine a directory's blocks in this way.
> Ext3's directories live in the /dev/hda1 pagecache anyway. ext2's
> directories each have their own pagecache.

I found out two things while trying to do this:

1. Many filesystems in linux set f_fsid to zero for statfs. I was trying
to use this to skip over mount points, but that doesn't work. Had to use
the st_dev field from stat instead. :(

2. Swapfiles apparently don't like to be touched. I did an
ioctl(FIGETBSZ) on a swapfile, and it would simply block until I did a
swapoff on the file. I didn't even get to the FIBMAP part. :( Is this
correct behaviour? And is there any way to detect this so that I can
work around it?

-- Bart
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