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SubjectRe: pmdisk working on ppc (WAS: Help port swsusp to ppc)

> > > Ah, also: The "Freeing memory" phase takes forever. That should
> > > really be fixed.
> >
> > Well, it does the trick for me, but it takes 50% or so of suspend
> > time. Some memory managment guru making "freeing memory" faster would
> > certainly be welcome.
> > Pavel
> > PS: But I'd like to keep it simple...
> Haven't looked at it yet. Several crash reports so far, mostly
> lockups right after printing the number of pages to save. I wonder
> if we have something broken in there. It dies for me once too at
> this point.
> Also, at least on pmac laptops, the HD is usually so fast, that
> I suspect spending 10 seconds freeing things is less efficient than
> spending this 10 seconds writing 200Mb of data to disk :) Also, one
> wakup, it's quite painful to see everything be swapped in again. It
> may make sense to be less agressive on the memory freeing, though
> finding a good balance isn't easy.

Notice that swsusp needs half of physical memory free by design. That
means that we need _some_ freeing. Nigel's swsusp2 works around that
at cost of more complicated implementation.
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