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SubjectRe: Help port swsusp to ppc.
On Fri, 23 Jan 2004 18:12:53 +1100
Benjamin Herrenschmidt <> wrote:

> There is at least one reason I think your code cannot work: When
> resuming, you are basically blowing up the MMU hash table and kernel
> page tables when copying the pages. I'm hacking on an implementation
> of pmdisk at the moment that switches the MMU off during the page
> copy to avoid that problem. This isn't the best way though.

I has hacking on swsusp2 to ppc for whole day. Here is the update

First I can true suspend is ok, the data and CPU context are full write
to disk. Then in resume, the copyback function works.

How I know it?
I'm adding printk before do_swsusp2_lowleve finished, I has printf
the r1, That is the pointer to cpu context, it must right on resume,
when resume it'll triger xmon, I d pm_sleep_storage, and check the
pointer, I see that same things, So I true the copyback is ok, at least
the cpu context memory has backed.

very tire day.

The current problem that is, In resume, It stop with all register
(r0-r32) is zero. I don't known where I am. :)

> I'll keep you informed of my progress
I'm too. :)

Hu Gang / Steve
Linux Registered User 204016
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