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SubjectRe: Is this too ugly to merge?

I'll take the following approach: I'm pretty sure that I've tried
suspending userspace before kernel threads before, and still ran into
possible deadlocks. Nevertheless, I'll set that up and then bang really
hard on it using Michael's test scripts, and let you know the results.
If and when we see that this approach won't cut the mustard, we can come
back to considering this approach. Sound okay?

By the way, the macros are not an alternative to the SIGSTOP-like
method. They're used with it, to ensure it works without deadlocking.



On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 00:49, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Okay, I can now remember (and agree to) that we need to suspend
> userspace first, and only then suspend kernelspace. Bug I don't see
> why we can't suspend userspace using old, SIGSTOP-like, method.

My work on Software Suspend is graciously brought to you by
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