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    SubjectRe: Laptops & CPU frequency
    > > > I have an athlon-xp laptop (HP pavilion ze4500) with powernow that
    > > > definitely goes into low power mode when the plug is pulled. The screen
    > > > goes dark, and everything slows down.
    > >
    > > Dave did not mean that the other power management schemes cannot do the
    > > automatic reduction on loss of AC, just that there is no SMM/BIOS hacks
    > > to do it automatically.
    > People are designing machines where battery can't provide
    > enough ampers for cpu in high-power mode. If speedstep machines
    > have same problem, SMM is actually right thing to do.

    This reminds me of an idea I had years ago, but never really looked in
    to very much, (it may well have been implemented somewhere
    independently of my idea anyway). Basically, it was for a multi-cpu
    machine which, instead of running cpus in parallel, with all the
    common scaling problems, ran each CPU in series for a very short
    timeslice, effectively being a uni-processor machine, but moving the
    state of the processor's registers between physical CPUs. The theory
    was that it would be possible to clock each CPU much higher for a
    short period of time than it could be successfully clocked
    continuously. Physical CPUs with poor cooling could even be given a
    shorter timeslice.

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