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SubjectRe: 2.6: The hardware reports a non fatal, correctable incident occured on CPU 0.
On Sat, Jan 10, 2004 at 06:16:22PM +0100, wrote:

> > Check your hardware CPU/MOBO/RAM. Overheating? Bad Ram? Cheap mobo?
> > MCE should not be triggered under any circumstances unless it is a kernel
> > bug(RARE, I believe the MCE code is simple) or you REALLY have a hardware
> > problem. As said before, the bios is resetting your fsb to 100 as a
> > fail-safe because something bad happened.
> Well, my system did run very stable and in the meantime again does run very
> stable on both, 2.4.21 and Windows XP...

Neither of which check for the presence of these errors.

> > > What the fuck is going on here?? As far as I figured out this has
> > > something to do with MCE (CONFIG_X86_MCE=y, CONFIG_X86_MCE_NONFATAL=y)
> > > (?).
> >
> > Leave it enabled, its a good thing to tell you when you have bad hardware.
> > Its not a kernel problem, but a feature.
> Well, it is a good thing to tell me, but it's not a good thing to make my
> system auto-reset itself before reaching the BIOS afterwards...

The non-fatal MCE code doesn't do anything like that. Any odd side-effects that you
observed were very likely due to whatever caused the MCE in the first place.


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