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SubjectRe: Cleanups for powernow-k8

> I have a totally new driver, that I am hoping to release within about
> a month. (I did target the end of the year, but I got distracted on
> some other stuff). The new driver :
> - uses ACPI to figure out the available p-states. I have seen a *lot*
> of buggy BIOSs where the PSB/PST info is wrong or missing,
> - uses ACPI to handle battery / mains power transitions,
> and some other clean ups.
> I would appreciate some advice on a question ... should I leave the old
> non-ACPI capability there for those people who do not want to enable ACPI
> in the kernel ? If so, is this a big ifdef, or is there a better way to do
> it ? Or should I just say that it is dependent on ACPI, got to have
> ACPI ?

I have strange notebook here, and that one only works reasonably with
APM (with ACPI: no network IRQs, random mouse problems, random
shutdowns due to bad temperature readings).

I'd suggest to leave old driver there (possibly let me clean it up
;-)))), and create new powernow-k8-acpi, or powernow-acpi or something
like that.
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