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SubjectRe: Slow NFS performance over wireless!
På ty , 13/01/2004 klokka 15:25, skreiv Joshua M. Thompson:
> I've noticed a similar problem here since upgrading to 2.6. In my case
> not has NFS performance gone through the floor vs 2.4.22 but so has
> machine performance during the transfer. In 2.4 the machine would be a
> bit sluggish but usable...under 2.6 the machine is more or less
> *unusable* until the NFS transfer completes. Trying to say, open up
> Evolution may take upwards of ten minutes to complete. Unfortunately due
> to the extreme performance problem it's not even possible to do any
> diagnostics on the machine while it's happening.

There are a couple of performance related patches that should be applied
to stock 2.6.0/2.6.1. One handles a problem with remove_suid()
generating a whole load of SETATTR calls if you are writing to a file
that has the "x" bit set. The other handles an efficiency issue related
to random write + read combinations.

Either look for them on my website (under, or apply Andrew's 2.6.1-mm2 patch.

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