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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Laptop-mode v7 for linux 2.6.1
    Bart Samwel <> schrieb am 12.01.04 22:54:41:
    > Dumitru Ciobarcianu wrote:
    > >>>I'm currently trying kernel 2.6.1-mm1 with laptop-mode on a reiserfs partition.
    > >>>If I kill all daemons running on the system and do nothing with it, I can achieve the 10 minutes spin down time I had expected from laptop-mode. However as soon as I start up X with KDE I get regular spin ups every 30 seconds. Looking at the output of "echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/block_dump", I see an entry every 30 seconds of "kdeinit(15145): WRITE block 65680 on hda1" followed by a whole load of "reiserfs/0(12): dirtied page" and "reisers/0(12): WRITE block XXXXX on hda1".
    > >>>
    > >>>Due to the regular 30 second interval writes of kdeinit: kded to block 65680, laptop-mode is not particularly usable on this system.
    > >>>Is this a problem with reiserfs or with kde and is there any fix available?
    > >>
    > >>Can you take a look at the message that Dumitru Ciobarcianu just sent to
    > >>the list (about syslog), and check if it's that?
    > >
    > > Won't help him if kdeinit is doing fsync() on every friggind write.
    > > syslog has an option to disable that, that's all.
    > I would be surprised if "kdeinit: kded" would do that. In fact, I run
    > KDE, and it doesn't spin up the disk because of that, even though I have
    > about 15 kdeinit instances running, including one for kded. Of course, I
    > might be mistaken.
    > Kai, can you check the following: is the WRITE of kdeinit preceded by
    > one or more "kdeinit: kded([some pid]): dirtied page" lines? And if they
    > are, are they coming directly before the WRITE, or 5 seconds before it,
    > or 30 seconds before it? This distance might give a clue about the
    > cause. If it's directly before it (within a second), it's likely that
    > kded calls fsync. If it's about 5 or 30 seconds before it, it might have
    > to do with some kind of writeback or expiry interval.

    I can not see any log entries for "kdeinit: [some pid]: dirtied page". There are only the "kdeinit: () WRITE block 65680 on hda1". By the way, it is always block 65680; also across reboots if that is any indication and I have seen other processes like artsd write to that block without dirtying pages before as well.

    Is there a way to find out what kdeinit writes to disk?

    the sysklog daemon was shut down during the time of testing, so that shouldn't have effected it.

    Thanks for the help,

    > -- Bart
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