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    SubjectRe: [I810_AUDIO] 1/x: Fix wait queue race in drain_dac
    Herbert Xu wrote:
    > Hi:
    > This is the first of a number of patches to fix DMA bugs in the
    > OSS i810_audio driver.
    > This particular one fixes a textbook race condition in drain_dac
    > that causes it to timeout when it shouldn't.


    Thanks much for these i810_audio patches. I've been meaning to review
    them in-depth for some time.

    Could you be kind and "spell out" the patch-1 race for me?

    Also, it seems to me that you would want to check for signal_pending()
    (a) just after the schedule_timeout(), and
    (b) -after- testing the 'signals_allowed' variable ;-)



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