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SubjectRe: Do not use synaptics extensions by default

> > > ..aka "make synaptics touchpad usable in 2.6.1" -- synaptics support
> > > is not really suitable to be enabled by default. You can not click by
> > > tapping the touchpad (well, unless you have very new X with right
> > > configuration, but than you can't go back to 2.4),
> >
> > It is my understanding that by setting "Protocol" to "auto-dev" and
> > "Device" to "/dev/psaux" you can freely switch between 2.4 and 2.5.
> I work with this setting for a couple of weeks now switching between 2.4
> and 2.6. The touchpad works quite well in X. (Dell inspiron 8000).
> I only notice I have to tap harder to get a click.

Is there way to make it work with gpm, too? I'm using that
heavily. Currently I'm doing gpm in repeater mode, then X reading from
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