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SubjectRe: Use of AI for process scheduling

Rick Lindsley wrote:
> Yeah, I didn't think his comment was very helpful since I thought it was
> clear that I was working on a draft of an IDEA.
> How complex is your thinking where *ideas* need drafts? :)

It wasn't so much complex as it was _vague_. :)

> However, once we characterize "what we want" we might be able to
> communicate it (and code it) to the kernel. To that end, here's an
> update on scheduler statistics code. In testing, it's proved fairly
> non-intrusive and may provide some answers to "what we want". If it
> doesn't, it's fairly extensible if done carefully.
> This patch (against 2.6.0-test4 or 2.6.0-test5) collects data about
> scheduler decisions, which may allow us, with 20/20 hindsight, to
> determine which specific decisions we don't like and perhaps how to
> modify them.

Now, THIS is the kind of thing I wanted to see! Very cool. My thought
then is that it might be helpful to have some tools to help analyze this
raw data. I'm sure you thought of that already. :)

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