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    SubjectRe: Use of AI for process scheduling
    On Mon, 2003-09-08 at 21:28, Timothy Miller wrote:

    > Basically, we need to write and install into the kernel an AI engine
    > which uses user feedback about the "feel" of the system to adjust
    > heuristics dynamically. For instance, if the user sees that the system
    > is misbehaving, they can pause the system in the kernel debugger,
    > examine process priorities, and indicate what "outputs" from the AI
    > engine are wrong. It then learns from that. Heuristics can be tweaked
    > until things run as desired. At that point, scheduler developers trade
    > emails in the AI heuristic language.

    I'm no kernel expert but I think that doing what you suggest would take
    an enormous amount of time and resources to do. Also, the scheduler must
    be a real-time piece of software, and needs to take decisions as fast
    and as accurately as possible. I think that implementing an IA-like
    engine would take an great deal of resources. By the time the IA-like
    scheduler has taken its decision, the whole world could have changed

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